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Creating Online Survey for Research Firms

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Client's Survey Application Description:

  • Different kinds of questions can be programmed in the survey.

  • The application allows adding all survey texts including other languages used in USA and other countries besides English.

  • Banner or logo can be added to the survey application.

  • Logic including Skip logic, answers randomization, as well as answer and text piping can be implemented in the application.

  • The application can generate an email to send the survey link to respondents.

  • The application can generate an email to send a customer's coupon after completing the survey by the respondent based on the client's requirement.

Online Survey Implementation:

  • Web screens are developed for the Survey Application where users and respondents can be added to the survey.

  • The application may include a reporting tool for quantitative data to list all data with their counts, exporting to Excel spreadsheet or other requirements, and integrating result charts.

  • The reporting tool may also include qualitative data for open ended questions and NPL integration to filter to positive and negative reviews.

  • Web screens are developed for the Survey Application where respondents can click on the survey link sent to their emails to take the survey with option to choose his/her desired language.

Implementation Includes:

  • Question text, answers' texts, and question types are created in HTML forms.

  • Data validation is implemented in Java Script language.

  • Creating industry (internal) surveys inside the master survey such as Merchant Value Research survey for American Express to determine which industry the respondent will be qualified to take the industry survey based on the minimum complete counts for that industry.

  • Creating all necessary database views and SQL queries for data capture, data pull and layout, as well as reporting.

Application Technical Skills Used in the Survey Application:

  • Full Stack Development: Object Oriented Programming, Front End, Back End, and Database.

  • Programming: HTML, Java Script, jQuery, JSON, CSS, XML, JSP, Java 1.8, Java Servlet, JDBC, Apache DbUtils, MVC Architecture, SQL and PL/SQL.

  • Web Services: WSDL (can be used with Systems Integration if there are multiple applications).

  • Databases: MS SQL Server or other DBMS.

  • Operating Systems: Windows Server.

  • Web Application Servers: Apache Tomcat and IIS Server.

Application Security:

  • Survey is sent to respondent's email with unique valid PIN number along with passcode.

  • Respondents cannot take the survey multiple times.

  • Application is also secured in Front End using Java Script.

  • Cryptography can be added based on the client's requirement for data security.

  • Any particular sensitive data can be encrypted in the application and database for information protection.

  • Multiple private keys for data security can be implemented based on the requirements.

  • Admin in the application may provide the access to decrypt sensitive data to particular users from his/her team.

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